Founder & Executive Director

Andy and Nancy Merrick

Having seen missionaries wasting their time with worn-out equipment and needs for better buildings, in order to meet the spiritual needs of people. Also experiencing it first hand serving the Lord as missionaries themselves here with organizations and in the missions field overseas, the Lord has laid upon the hearts of Executive Director Andrew J Merrick and his wife Nancy, a burden to help meet these needs and to train people to be aware of these needs. That is why they started an organization called Christian Missionary Technical Services (CMTS). CMTS Ministries was started in 1981 in New Jersey and God has since blessed the ministry to now include a 52 ace facility in Bernville, PA. 

 Andy as  Executive Director handles almost anythung and everything at the ministry. 

Nancy is the glue that hold everything together. Nancy is the office manager. She runs CMTS on paper. Together they are a amazing team helping with the great commision. 

Assistant Director

Joel & Danielle Smith

Joel, Danielle and their 6 kids came to the ministry in June of 2019.  Joel is the Assistant Director and is also working on the Loaner Car Program, scheduling the cars, working with the auto shop for repairs, and helping the cars get out to the missionaries.  He has also been helping in the office and wherever needed.  Danielle has been helping as much as she can in the office.  Her main duty here is the homeschooling of her children.  She has also been able to assist in the kitchen as needed and has also be helping with the loaner car program.

Auto Shop Foreman

Nick and Kelly VanWert

Nick is the shop manager. He makes sure all CMTS loaner vehicles are mechanically sound and ready for missionary pick up. He overseas the mechanics in the auto shop, and keeps the place improving daily. He not only directs mechanics but he himself has an active part in the repair and maintenance of everything mechanical at CMTS.  Nick also has a very important part in decision making with Andy & Joel.

Body Shop Manager and Discipleship

Doug, Hilda, and Kai Sylva

Doug and Hilda have moved across the ocean to join our team here at CMTS! Doug is a very talented man working in the body shop with repairing our fleet of loaner vehicles and purchase cars. Doug also works alongside men from difficult places. He disciples them and teaches valuable skills while working in the Body shop. Hilda and Kai are a joy to have here. They help with hospitality and with our community. We are so glad that God has brought them here to CMTS. 

Office Secretary

Annette Dronyi

Usually she is the voice you hear when you call CMTS! Annette is our office secretary. She takes most of the calls that come through the ministry and helps missionaries at check out. She also helps Nancy will any office work that needs to be done. 

Mechanic and Staff Cook

Ray & Debbie Pete

Ray & Debbie Pete joined us from Maine early in 2019.  Ray is one of our shop mechanics.  He is able to help keep the fleet cars going to help serve many missionaries.  He is also talented in repairing our larger equipment which is a huge blessing to the ministry.  Debbie took over the cooking duties in the kitchen and has been doing an amazing job.  She has the tall task of cooking for 20+ people during the week.  We are so blessed to have both of them here and they have been filling a very important roll in the ministry.

Warehouse Supervisor & More

Justin & Jenn Darnell

Justin & Jenn Darnell and their 4 children moved back to the ministry in April of 2019.  Justin had served here 10 years earlier and felt called back to the ministry.  His primary duties are in the warehouse, helping to organize and prepare donations to be sent out to missionaries and other ministries overseas.  He helps up in many other areas including leading praise time, pickups, office duties and more.

General Maintenance & Shipping / Dorm Supervisor

John Debkowski

Grounds and maintenance is one of his biggest ones. One of his big current projects is helping to construct the warehouse. Other responsibilities include, light maintenance and repairs on all the buildings. John is very good at household/commercial electrical and in the summer does landscape maintenance. Whenever there is a Shipping container or Belize trip, John usually has a pretty heavy role in making sure the vehicles are properly packed, the items requested are in good shape, and the manifests are clear and exact. As Dorm supervisor, John makes sure all the single guys are sharing housekeeping responsibilities in dorm and common areas. He is also responsible for keeping up with bible studies, program attendance, and church attendance. He also takes care of small conflict resolutions among men in dorm. 

Hospitality and Building Maintenance

Michael & Juanis Mcdermott

Michael and Juanis and their children  (David & Jessica) have been serving at CMTS for many years!!  Juanis takes care of hospitality and many other duties around the ministry.  She always has a smiling face and is ready to help serve the Lord.  She also helps to run a children's after school youth group in the Reading PA area.  Michael helps with building maintenance, which includes painting and more.

Shop Mechanic/ Machine & Heavy Truck Maintenance

Irvin Whittaker

Irvin is one of our shop mechanics. He helps maintaine our fleet of loaner vehciles for missionaries. He also works on heavy equipment like our backhoe and forklifts. He also works on our heavy trucks, like box trucks and buses.Irv also is very talented with refrigeration, and is responsible for maintaning all of our AC units and refrigerators.  

Transportation and Shop Assistant

Samuel Adams

Sam helps out with transportation needs of the ministry.  That could include test driving vehicles, taking vehicles for inspection, and, and picking up supplies or missionaries.  Sam also assists in the mechanic shop as needed. During a container packing, or one of our Belize trips, Sam is responsible for finding items needed and helping to pack them. 

Deliveries and Pick ups & Warehouse

Cory Shelly

Cory Shelly has served at CMTS ministries since 2008.  Over the years he has acted as Manager in the Detail Shop, Volunteer Coordinator and Grounds Manager.  In early 2016 he transitioned to a part time role in order to pursue a career in music.  To learn more about Corys journey in music ministry and to hear his music visit:


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