CMTS has a fleet of vehicles available to missionaries on home assignment– to assist them with their short-term travel needs. These vehicles are licensed, inspected, and insured. Though you, the missionary, are responsible for routine maintenance, CMTS takes responsibility for major repairs. There is a monthly charge for insurance and mileage (see Loaner Car agreement). To be sure a car is available for your use, reservations must be made in advance; we recommend making your reservations in advance as soon as possible.



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Partner with us...

If anyone knows of churches that do not know about CMTS please partner with us to try and make connections. We have programs and resources like: the fleet cars program for missionaries, the fleet van program for churches,  pastors and churches, and hosting work teams in Bernville and Belize. We need to get the word out about these resources. The most effective way to connect with new churches is networking. So please tell your friends at other churches about CMTS. If they are interested in our resources and services we would love to talk to their pastors, missions committee, and even congregation. Please pray that God opens the doors for these opportunities.



Loaner Vehicles


Loaner Vans

CMTS has a fleet of 15 passenger vans for groups for their short-term travel needs. These vehicles are licensed, inspected, and insured. They are great for weekend retreats and short term trips. For more information please contact us. There is a schedule for these vehicles and a high demand. So please call and email or fax the registration form back to us, to make a reservation as soon as possible to reserve your request and make sure a vehicle is available. 

Please see Forms page for more info