There is a large amount to do and it’s always a blessing to have some extra hands. Here at CMTS we provide housing and meals,by donation, for groups who come out to help with work projects around our ministry in Bernville, PA. Sometimes it’s landscaping and sometimes its packing containers to go to missionaries overseas. But there is always work. So if you and your Youth group or Adult group is looking for a service project, fill out the registration form and give us a call. We will be more than happy to have your group here. We always look forward to meeting others with willing hearts and serving hands!


Registration Forms are on the Form page



How can I serve?

God loves to show us that it is his great pleasure to use any of his faithful to bring glory to his name. Rich, poor, strong or weak, He will use the common person to do great things,if they are willing………………..Are you?

At CMTS we have needs of great diversity. Christians that have professional trade skills are of great value to the Lord in this ministry. Do you have the desire to be used by God in this way? Here are a few skills that could be of great help in either full or part-time mission service.

  • Auto mechanics

  • Personnel Director/Church Relations

  • Construction Supervisor

  • Office Personnel

  • Appliance repair technicians

  • Computer technicians

  • Carpenters

  • Roofers

  • Electricians

  • Heavy equipment mechanics and operators

If your particular talent isn’t listed here and you think it should be, call us!

There are always needs for items such as the following….. 


  • Cars

  • Clothes

  • Building supplies

  • Tools

  • House wares

  • Serviceable appliances and electronics

  • Clean sturdy furniture

  • Portable buildings

  • Bus, trucks, heavy equipment

  • Lawn equipment


You can also help by....


  • Praying for Gods work and guidance here at CMTS.

  • Praying for CMTS.

  • Sign up to work with CMTS for a day, weekend, or longer!

  • Donate cars and usable items.

  • Financially support CMTS or one of our staff

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